Hurricane Watch:

Hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours within the area

Hurricane Warning:

Hurricane conditions are expected in area within next 24 hours

Hurricane Winds:

74 mph or more

When to Execute:

Upon announcement by the National Weather Service of a hurricane watch – 36 to 48hrs

Multi-Purpose Room:
Team Leader: staff to be assigned on the day of plan execution

1. Remove lamps and accessories and place in credenzas and wet bar
2. Move card tables to card room
3. Move sitting chairs to men’s locker room
4. Move remaining furniture to TV side of room and cover with tarps (3)
5. Cover remaining carpet with plastic in preparation for moving veranda and pool furniture inside (3 – 25’ X 10’ clear rolls)
6. Lights and sound system off

Team Leader:

1. Move furniture and tables to side opposite welcome desk
2. Secure unused key cards and other valuables in the safe
3. Remove any files or other items from desk top and store in credenza – lock it
4. Cover desk computer and security system with tarps (1)
5. Cover fax machine and printer and credenza with tarp (1)

Pool Deck:
Team leader:

1. Pool pump stays on – lower water level 6 – 12”
2. Shut off main gas line
3. Place trash cans and fireplace screen in pool bathhouse
4. Remove umbrellas (4) and place in men’s bathhouse – wrap each w/bungee cord
5. Remove skimmers from fence and store in kitchen; at the latest possible time, remove the life preservers and store in the pool bath.
6. Place lounge chairs in multipurpose room – position on their sides –
7. Place deck chairs in multipurpose room and lobby – if necessary, excess positioned in ladies locker room or kitchen service court
8. Umbrella Tables (4) in bathhouse foyer or fitness room
9. Pool cocktail tables (3) in ladies bathhouse.
10. Granite tables (2) in multipurpose room
11. Tiki torches (in front of veranda) in pool bathhouse
12. Shut off lights in both bathrooms and close the gate to the bathhouse
13. Secure each pool access gate (4) and bathhouse gate with a chain and padlock

Veranda furniture:
Team Leader:

1. Place veranda sofas (3) in back hallway
2. Place chairs in front hallway and lobby
3. Move dining, high cocktail and end tables into the multipurpose room
4. Trash receptacles – place in kitchen
5. Terrace gate facing golf course – cable and lock

Tennis Court:
Team Leader:

Note: one person to prep windscreens and miscellaneous (1 hr); 3 people/3 ladders (1 hr); courts can be secured early and stay playable later.
Equipment: 3 ladders, scissors, 2 packages of large zip ties, 2 packages of small ties for cleanup.

1. Remove chairs, tables, trash can and store in clubhouse card room
2. Cut down canvas awning cover; store in kitchen receiving area
3. Cut zip ties on the bottom and both sides of all screens
4. Roll up fence screening and tie-off with zip ties at the top of fence
5. Drop tennis nets

Fitness Room:
Team Leader:

1. Power off all screens and equipment
2. Cover cardio equipment with tarps (2)
3. Cover sound system with tarp (1)
4. Turn off lights and lock the door

Hanging Lights:

1. Veranda: turn off electrical power; remove and store in kitchen or ladies locker room


1. All outside signs and ash can placed in card room
2. Padlock the hasp on the metal gates leading to the kitchen receiving area/service court
3. Double check that all outside gates are locked with cables
4. Turn off all interior lights’; building power “off” except the A/C will be on and set to 79°.
5. Water turned off at the street.
6. Entry gate will be left in operating condition; member key cards, however, will be turned off via software. In the event of a power failure, the entry gates will automatically open.

Order of Movement Overview:

1. Card table sitting chairs into the men’s locker room
2. Card tables in the multipurpose room moved to the office
3. Remaining multipurpose room furniture moved against the TV wall
4. Chairs from the veranda moved inside to the front hall
5. Veranda couches moved inside to the back hall
6. Remainder of veranda chairs moved inside into the lobby
7. All veranda tables moved into the multipurpose room
8. Pool deck umbrellas (4) into the bathhouse men’s room
9. Pool deck granite tables (2) moved inside the multipurpose room
10. All pool deck furniture moved into the lobby and multipurpose room
11. Pool cocktail tables (3) moved into the bathhouse ladies room
12. Pool umbrellas tables (4) moved to: bathhouse foyer/fitness center