Five Reasons to buy a new custom home vs. remodeling a used one

Some who can’t wait for a custom home to be built end up buying and remodeling a used residence. But there are tremendous advantages in choosing from one of the custom homes already under construction and available at Champions’ Club.

1. Personalized for You

Older homes can have lower ceiling heights, outdated floor plans and worn appliances … not to mention colors and design features that just aren’t your style. Rather than remodeling, select a custom home from our builders to get exactly what you’re looking for. Everything new, everything you, everything that complements this award-winning lifestyle!

2. Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance 

A new home can be up to twice as energy efficient as those constructed a generation ago. That can lower your power bill. Plus, new construction and appliances require less maintenance.

3. Warranties

Even if something were to break down in your new custom home, our top-rated builders stand behind their work with warranties you can depend on.

4. Insurance and Safety

New homes built to the latest storm codes cost less to insure and provide more safety to you and your family.

5. Value and Appreciation

Home construction has changed dramatically in the last decade and even in the last 2 years. New homes are built to live “new” longer and offer the likelihood of greater appreciations.

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